Freedom Associates 2000  . is the leading, top & best medical & hospital equipment supplier in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our products are folee oxygen concentrator, vatech opg machine, vatech rvg machine, vatech x- ray machine, vatech cbct machine, resvent Bipap, cpap machine, anatomage table/ Virtual Dissection Table, join champ dental chair, tpc dental chair,shoe cover machine, dental air compressor, PAPR, pulse oximeter, CAD-CAM machine, etc.

Freedom Associates 2000  . incorporated under Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) of Bangladesh in 2014, actually started its business in 2000 with the name of Freedom Associates 2000. Now it is the leading source of healthcare products and services in Bangladesh in the fields of Dental Care, Radiology & Imaging, Diagnostic Equipment and Reagents, Pulmonary Care, Medical Education and Medical Equipment.

We always maintain ethical standards in all our professional and business conduct. We invest in people development so that our experienced and skilled members of the team can ensure complete customer satisfaction.

(Worldwide Excellence through Commitment, Attitude, Respect, Ethics, Integrity and Trust)

• Worldwide: We consider a global perspective to meet our customers’ intrinsic needs.
• Excellence: We measure our operational excellence in global standards to ensure customer satisfaction.
• Commitment: Commitment is law for any communication or transaction.
• Attitude: We always bear a positive attitude for our customers, market dynamics and business.
• Respect: Mutual respect is the key; we foster in our everyday norms.
• Ethics: We maintain ethical business standards in all our activities.
• Integrity: There is no way but to do everything with integrity.
• Trust: We trust people as we trust ourselves.