Buy Ophthalmic Supplies on Freedom Associates 2000

Ophthalmology is the branch of medical science dealing with anatomy and diseases of the eye ball. An ophthalmologist is adept at solving both medical and surgical problems related to the eye. An ophthalmologist shouldn’t be confused with an optometrist or an optician. All products used around treatment in this area come under Ophthalmic Products & Supplies. Freedom Associates 2000 has Ophthalmic products and consumables from  Ophtechnics Unlimited listed on the site.

Types of Products in Ophthalmic Supplies available in Bangladesh on Freedom Associates 2000

Ophthalmic products like Eye Patch, Eye Shield, Eye Sphere, Glaucoma Tube Shunts, Intracystic Implants, Ophthalmic Knives, Ophthalmic Solutions, Ophthalmic Sponges & Ophthalmic Strips are available on Freedom Associates 2000. A wide range of sizes and SKUs are available for each product. We ensure that apart from the fast moving codes that are readily available, we also stock the slower moving codes with infrequent demand so that users can purchase these codes from us whenever they need it.

1.Eye Patch

An Eye patch is worn for various medical reasons such as protection from bright lights, ruptured globe, healing corneal abrasion etc.

2.Eye Shield

Eye shields protect eyes against any accidental blow or damage post a surgery

3.Eye Sphere

The eye sphere is made of medical grade elastomere or hydroxypatite

4.Eye Wipe

Eye wipes are used with any procedure requiring eye drops

5.Eye/Ophthalmic Drape

Ophthalmic drape are used during ophthalmic procedures

6.Ophthalmic Implants

Ophthalmic implants are ocular implants that are highly advanced and used for a wide variety of procedures

7.Ophthalmic Knives

These knives are used by surgeons during Ophthalmic operations

8.Ophthalmic Solutions

These medicated solutions have optimum pH level for drug absorption

9.Ophthalmic Sponge

Ophthalmic Sponge are highly absorbent and durable

10.Ophthalmic Strip

Ophthalmic Strips are utilized for staining and diagnostic purposes

Usage of Ophthalmic Products available on Freedom Associates 2000

Ophthalmic products available on Freedom Associates 2000 can be used in medical procedures like Laser Eye Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma Surgery, Refractive Surgery, Corneal Surgery, etc. These products are required regularly by eye hospitals and nursing homes. Freedom Associates 2000 is especially useful for doctors who run their own clinic, nursing home or hospital since it makes sourcing supplies very easy for them. Eyes are an integral organ of the human body which required utmost care. We ensure that we provide products of high quality from well known manufacturers so that the quality of treatment offered by the sourcing healthcare provider is high. This also ensures that the patient returns satisfied and remains a loyal customer in the future as well. Apart from Ophthalmic Supplies, we also have a wide range of products in Wound Care & Dressings Needles & Syringes Wound Closure &  Surgical Supplies