Who we are

Freedom Associates 2000  is a trading company that has been working in the Life Science and Modern Technology  business since 2000, specialized in the fields of Medical Devices, Diagnostic Equipment’s, Surgical Instruments, X-ray and Imaging, Ophthalmic, Respiratory & Anaesthesia , Health and Beauty, Dental Instruments Market.

Our trading activity has grown, through an active cooperation with a sister company of Freedom Group of Industries (FGI).

Our Mission

The main purpose is to provide the best international products to it’s our local customers.

Freedom Associates 2000 closely observes international market trends, aiming to supply best international goods to our national customer. To this purpose, the company offers a wide range of products that preserve the genuineness and all of the narcoleptic characteristics of freshly harvested raw ingredients.

The major strength is its wide range of products, offering clients the possibility of ordering assorted loads selected from the available products, meeting their specific needs.


The Pillars of the Concept

Freedom Associates 2000 concept is to be supply the best technology and services enabler in National to offer its customers.


Freedom Associates 2000 offers the best value for money on the market, with unbeatable price/quality/service mix.


Reliable & credible We are a trust able & a reliable partner to each of our stakeholders, we believe that fairness, honesty, transparency & integrity are the basis for trust & success. Love Care, passion, positive feelings we love what we do and strive to enable our stakeholders to do what they want.