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Surgical suture is a medical device used for apposition of bodily tissues after injury and surgery. A number of different materials, shapes and sizes of sutures are available for a medical professional to select from while suturing a surgical incision, internal organ, blood vessel, laceration or wound edges. Suturing is an important procedure which ensures healing of tissues and wounds after a medical procedure has been performed. Suturing ensures that the tissue to be healed is able to withstand stress till it heals completely to close a wound. Suturing also prevents leakage of blood from lacerated tissues and minimizes scar formation. Sutures may be of synthetic or natural origin, and can be either absorbed by the body or stay in the body indefinitely or till suture removal takes place. Some sutures are also treated with a coating, softening or antibacterial agent to add to their properties. There are various types of sutures available and a suture is chosen based on the location, environment and requirement of the area to be sutured. These also influence the suture techniques that would be used. Sutures are used in all fields of surgery including obstetrics and gynecology, cardio thoracic, ophthalmology, urology, plastic surgery, orthopedics etc.

Types of sutures

Sutures are broadly divided into the following categories:

Absorbable and Non-absorbable sutures.

Absorbable sutures are broken down in the body as healing progresses and eventually dissolve completely. The sutures are not used when long term apposition of tissues is required. Absorbability begins as a loss of tensile strength followed by the loss of mass and finally dissolution due to proteolytic enzyme action. As the body might identify the suture as a foreign object, moderate tissue inflammation might occur.

Non- absorbable sutures resist the body chemicals and enzymes and don’t get dissolved in the body. They maintain long term tissue apposition and healing. Non- absorbable sutures provide prolonged tensile strength to the tissue. These sutures are also used in cases where there’s a risk of an absorbable suture getting broken down too early. These include polypropylene, nylon (polyamide), polyester, pvdf and stainless steel sutures.

Monofilament or Multifilament sutures

Monofilament Sutures provide better passage through soft tissues when weighed against multifilament sutures and cause lower tissue reaction. These include polypropylene, nylon, pvdf, stainless steel, poliglecaprone and polydioxanone sutures.

Multifilament/ Braided sutures often provide better knot security when compared to monofilament sutures. They are also quite pliable. Multifilament sutures are made of several strands that are twisted or braided together. They are generally coated to smoothen out the surface and reduce capillarity. These include pga, polyglactin 910, silk and polyester sutures.

Coated and uncoated sutures

A suture may be coated to increase its pliability, strength and antimicrobial properties. Common suture coatings include beeswax, calcium stearate and polycaprolactone. Infection at the site of post surgical incisions is a very common post- surgery complication and sutures coated with antimicrobials like triclosan may reduce infection at the incision site.

Some of the other common types of sutures include mattress suture, subcuticular suture, continuous sutures and simple interrupted sutures

Characteristics of sutures

Pliability – this refers to the ease of handling of the suture

Tensile strength – the amount of tension the suture can endure before breaking

Breaking strength – limit of tensile strength at which the suture breaks

Tissue reactivity – this refers to an inflammatory response of the body to the suture. It usually peaks in the first 2 to 7 days

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